It Managed Services


Swerdna Support provides high-quality managed IT services to our clients. Our services range from ad-hoc/on-call services to a fully managed in-house IT service where Swerdna Support essentially becomes the IT department of your business.

Our team of certified engineers have a wide range of skills and expertise across a range of products including Microsoft (75% of our engineers hold a Microsoft MCSE certification), Cisco and VMWare.

Because our engineers have different areas of skill and levels of experience, we offer a service where you ‘buy a service as you need it’. This allows you to pay only for the time required for a particular service saving you the inconvenience and cost of hiring a full-time employee for a short or medium term project. Essentially, Swerdna invests in the skills and you only pay for our services when required.

Why should I move my IT needs to Swerdna support?

We are attracting more clients as business managers realise the risks around having just one or two ‘IT guys’ who end up holding all the company’s IP; if one gets sick or goes on holiday, the company ends up being at risk as the knowledge of the company’s IT systems walks out the door. Documentation is often non-existent or out of date. This is even more important when you have a single IT resource.

You may find that a single resource can find the monotony of day-to-day support gets stale, and either takes more time off work than expected or creates complex, unnecessary and often expensive IT systems just to have something else to do.

Why put your organisation at risk like this when Swerdna’s engineers thrive on working in different client environments. Many of our engineers have worked on single sites in the past but have been attracted to Swerdna because they want the opportunity and enjoyment of working on different systems every day.

Swerdna Support provides services either on an hourly basis or via a contracted set of support modules known as SiteCare.